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Getting an "Insecure Connection" warning for Exisle? No worry

Details in this thread

Guidelines for General Media Discussion

Board guidelines are standard for all forums. However, in this forum we have these additional guidelines:

1. Posts with spoilers* that are not properly posted will be edited by a mod in order to hide the spoiler. This editing will ONLY be to hide the spoiler and a note will be put in the post. Any and all spoilers in General Media should be clearly marked and should not appear in thread titles, these will also be edited immediately.

2. Any post containing pornography, links to pornography or other obscene materials will be edited immediately.

3. Please do not spam - Spamming = posting the same content repeatedly to multiple threads in a manner that disrupts communication and/or posting just smilies time and time again. Excessive spamming will result in a warning being given.

4. There are potential hot topics that may arise in this forum since people feel very strongly about their shows. If a thread heats up too much, a mod may ask everyone to tone it down. If things escalate after such a warning, mods will utilize the boards guidelines to handle the situation.

* Spoilers are considered to be information about shows, the characters or the story that would spoil a surprise for someone who hasn't seen the show yet. An example would be revealing a character's death or a character coming back from the dead. (There are other examples, those two are the most obvious).

Show or Episode titles and previews that are tagged at the end of a show are not usually considered spoilers as they tend to be misleading and are only considered teasers.
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